We support, challenge, inspire and motivate you in your journey

Our expertise lies in providing a tutoring service across a large range of subjects to families based in the UK or abroad. We cater for any subject and any level; the most popular areas are listed below. We have a team of amazing tutors that can help you at every step of the way, whether it is entrance exams, undergraduate tuition or something a bit more grown up, The London Education Company is just a call away. If you do not see the subject or level you are after do not worry, it just means that we do not have space to list every single service and every single subject we offer – just drop us a call or email and we can easily match you with the right tutor.

Our tutoring service is not just for students who feel they are lagging behind at school. Rather, it is an amalgamation of ensuring you or your child are supported, challenged, inspired and motivated in their journey. So when you are doing exam preparation, or catching up and filling in gaps because of prolonged absence or even just think you need help with a weaker subject area, just give us a call. Also don not forget, we want to stretch gifted students – you should not just settle for being an average student, at The London Education Company, we want to inspire all our students to be the best.

At The London Education Company, getting the right tutor to you is of utmost importance. Your goal is our goal, and we want to help you to get there. At the same time, we want you to enjoy your lessons because at the end of the day, learning is definitely no fun when you do not get along with your teacher! To us, being a specialist and good at what you are going to teach is a given, anyone can be good at Maths, Science or English, but what is hard is making the learning experience that little bit more exciting and that is what our tutors do.

Our tutors cannot be boring, they have to have the qualifications, experience and a fun and exciting streak to them too. Excited? Find out more about the kind of tutor that would be coming your way on Our Team.

We are also quite flexible on how you want your lessons. We know that weekly tuition is not everyone’s style, some people would rather just focus harder over the last few months. This is why our services are holistic, so whether you want hourly lessons in person, perhaps something online via Skype, maybe an emergency revision programme a few weeks before your exam, or even a residential tutor to teach you wherever in the world you are, we have it covered.

There is a reason we think The London Education Company is the only choice, in all the fun and learning, we never lose sight of the end goal. Using your child’s individuality, we assist in reaching their goal whilst also refining their strengths and confidence for them to success far beyond academia.